February 16th “Promises: Week 2”

February 2nd “Promises: Week 1”

January 5th “Plowing Ahead: Week 2”

December 15th “Plowing Ahead: Week 1”

December 1st “Out Of This World: Week 3”

November 3rd “Out Of This World: Week 2”

October 20th “Out Of This World: Week 1”

October 6th “Fall of Forgiveness: Week 3”

September 22nd “Fall of Forgiveness: Week 2”

September 8th “Fall of Forgiveness: Week 1”

April 21st “Becoming Love: Week 1”

March 3rd “The Way The Truth The Life: Week 2”

February 3rd “The Way The Truth The Life: Week 1”

December 16th “Come And You Will See: Week 3”

December 2nd “Come And You Will See: Week 2”

November 16th “Come And You Will See: Week 1”

October 28th “Losing Your Mind: Week 4”

October 14th “Losing Your Mind: Week 3”

September 30th “Losing Your Mind: Week 2”

September 16th “Losing Your Mind: Week 1”

August 5th “DEEPER: Week 4”

July 22nd “DEEPER: Week 3”

July 8th “DEEPER: Week 2”

June 10th “DEEPER: Week 1”

May 13th “Who Are You: Week 4”

April 29th “Who Are You: Week 3”

April 15th “Who Are You: Week 2”

April 1st “Who Are You: Week 1”

March 18th “Risk It All: Week 3”

March 4th “Risk It All: Week 2”

February 18th “Risk It All: Week 1”

February 4th “Night of Worship: John 4”

November 5th “Prayer of Obedience: Use Me”

November 19th “Prayer of Courage: Help Me”

December 10th “Prayer of Trust: Lead Me”

September 10th “the MESS before the YES”

September 24th “the YES of FORGIVENESS”

October 8th “the YES of IDENTITY”

October 22nd “let your YES be YES”

June 4th “God’s Promises are Creative and Transformative”

June 25th “Your Design Reflects the Master Designer”

July 16th “Building Your Relationship World with Intentionality”

March 19th “The Weight of Honor”

April 9th “Beer, Bible, & the Christian Bubble”

April 30th “Sexual Freedom”

February 5th “Becoming a Person Worth Finding”

February 26th “Tough Love”

January 15th “What would you change?”

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